Miloslav Mecir The Cat

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Miloslav Mecir The Cat. When Mecir gets in trouble he relies on the quickness in his muscled legs to run down shots. He won the mens singles gold medal at the 1988 Olympic Games.


Mecir didnt hit with much topspin. In the man born in Slovakia Czechoslovakia as it was known then in the aptly nicknamed Big Cat in Miloslav Mecir. Na žebříčku ATP byl ve dvouhře nejvýše klasifikován v listopadu 2013 na 206.

Sein Vater Miloslav Me číř wurde 1988 bei den Olympischen Spielen in Seoul Olympiasieger.

Mecir didnt hit with much topspin. The nickname was in reference to Mečířs effortless court coverage and graceful footwork. Na nejvyšší grandslamové úrovni odehrál jedinou hlavní. It was said the Big Cat would lull his opponents to sleep and boom hit a shot up the line.