Thomas Dewey And Strom Thurmond

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Thomas Dewey And Strom Thurmond. Dewey supported the Marshall Plan the Truman Doctrine a statement by President Harry S Truman on March 12 1947 indicating the United States will support Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid to prevent them from falling under Soviet control the recognition of Israel and the Berlin airlift. In the end however Truman was renominated and chose liberal Kentucky politician Alben Barkley as his running mate.

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Strom Thurmond the Politics of Southern. Thur-monds and Deweys combined strength 284227 votes exceeded Trumans total by 1899 votes4 Mid-century Florida was unique among southern states. Overall Truman beat Dewey by just over 21 million votes.

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Dewey i el demòcrata Strom Thurmond. Consequently we are given new insight as to how Truman pulled off his magnificent victory. Most Deep South electorates consisted of whites born and raised in the. On November 3 1948 Truman won 496 of the popular vote Dewey won 451 and Thurmond and Wallace each won 24 with the remaining 06 divided among a variety of third-party candidates and write-in votes.