Thomas Friedman Flat World Summary

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Thomas Friedman Flat World Summary. He alludes that its not the whole world which is flattening only parts because there are a lot of people that are not using those new technologies and. In the whole book Friedman talks about the flattening of the world but in this chapter he suddenly points out that there is no guarantee that this flattening process will develop as dramatically as in the last few years.

Why The World Is Flat Wired
Why The World Is Flat Wired from

He pursues examples of this metaphor in other places such as Iraq China Japan and the United States. Friedman April 3 2005 In 1492 Christopher Columbus set sail for India going west. Released in 2005 Friedman.

You travel with him meet his wife and kids learn about his friends and sit in on his interviews.

Friedman a reporter goes to India in 2004 to see how technology has connected the east and west today. Thomas Friedman has written a very interesting and though-provoking piece that both presents a challenge as well as an eye-opener on the state of education in America. The latter can even lead to terrorism which became evident during the early years of the 21st century. Friedman realizes that the world is flatin his words the global competitive playing field was being leveled.