Thomas Gallaudet Influence

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Thomas Gallaudet Influence. Gallaudet found the Braidwoods unwilling to share knowledge of their oral communication method. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet born Dec.

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Thomas Gallaudet was born in 1787 and graduated from Yale University at the top of his class when he was only seventeen years old. At the age of two Cogswell contracted a fever and lost her ability to hear and speak. Devoted his life to Deaf education starting with Alice Cogswell.

The first full week in December is Clerc-Gallaudet week thanks to the efforts of Alice Hagemeyer a Deaf retired librarian.

This changed the viewpoint of many who thought this impossible. 10 1851 Hartford Conn educational philanthropist and founder of the first American school for the deaf. A graduate of Yale with a degree in Education Gallaudet became interested in deaf education when he was hired to teach Alice Cogswell a young deaf girl. The popular account of the schools founding states that in 1814 the young Reverend Gallaudet wondered why the daughter of his Hartford neighbor did not laugh or play with his own younger siblings.