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Thomas Nast Harper's Weekly. Frost and was instrumental in depicting the politics of the era through Thomas Nasts politically satirical illustrations. From Wikimedia Commons the free media repository.

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Click image to enlarge. Prints and Photographs Division Library of Congress. Thomas Nast was born in Germany and his family moved to New York City around the time he was 6.

Journalist Henry Watterson said that in quitting Harpers Weekly Nast lost his forum.

History 28072019 2010 johnnyhalusewa Originally published in 1876 this thomas nast cartoon in harpers weekly magazine shows a that the lion was the symbol of the democratic party. Thomas Nast cartoon Harpers Weekly March 15 1873 In this cartoon the figure of Justice accuses the press which exposed congressmen bribed with Crédit Mobilier stock of hypocrisy. Mar 27 2012 - Authentic Harpers Weekly newspapers containing noteworthy Thomas Nast prints. Who Was Thomas Nast.