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Thomas Nast Impact. Tweed was an elected Democratic official serving. The illustration above is an excellent example of how Nast.

Labor Illustrating Chinese Exclusion
Labor Illustrating Chinese Exclusion from

The work of Thomas Nast was foundational to the creation of modern political cartoons and he used his public platform to advocate for Black voting rights and against corruption in politics. Today Nast is best remembered for creating the modern image of Santa Claus and the Republican elephant and. Thomas is also remembered for developing the latest versions of Santa Claus.

His style of political reporting comically mocked Government officials and worked to end political corruption in the years after.

Thomas Nast was a political cartoonist and illustrator during the Progressive Era. Instead it was Tweed who left the country to avoid. It helped the general population see and appreciate the basic humanity of the slave population. The artwork of Nast helped accomplish what the more radical abolitionist movement had not been able to do.